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2009-04-01 12:53:38 by theSneakySnake

Can someone explain what is going on here? I am in an epic amount of confusion. I understand the whole unblocked in China thing, but why is EVERYTHING now completely useless on this site? It had better be some lame-ass April Fools joke or something, or else I'm going to explode.



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2009-04-01 12:54:57

check your calender.


2009-04-01 12:55:09

naw man china is taking over the site :(


2009-04-01 12:55:23

Lol. I'm tired of it already too.


2009-04-01 13:12:58

We Should REBEL! This is taking away Our hard work as Visitors and workers of Newgrounds, They have NO right to stop us from sharing our work with others because they don't agree with it, and if they say "If you wan't abide by our rules then Newgrounds is no longer allowed in China" Then So be it, I Personally would much rather have A Good Newgrounds missing one country than a Horrible Newgrounds with 1 added country!

If they are going on our website they must abide by our rules!